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Install Beltline & Rub Rail

Nothing improves the look of your vintage trailer as quickly and easily as replacing missing or faded beltline and rub rails. This job takes only minutes and is fairly inexpensive.
We purchased our beltline at Inland RV. It is a pliable plastic insert that can be put in without removing any rivets.
The rub rail did require the removal of several rivets and retaining clips but they are easily replaced and working as a team, we finished in no time.
The plastic is pliable enough that it can be wiggled right in.
The beltline is worked in the grove by flexing it back and forth. No tools were needed to do this job.
The end result is a clean fresh look.


The beltline does seem to shrink or relax a little after it is installed. In our case it shrunk about 1/2 inch by the next day after it was installed. Be prepared to push in some extra before trimming which may help keep shrinkage to a minimum.
The rub rail did not have this problem because it is in smaller individual pieces and is fastened down by retaining clips and rivets.

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