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Burning Man '05

Here is Buttercup out on the Blackrock. We have 2 canopy structures set up out front for shade during the day. Our camp was Called “Func Schway”. For 2 weeks this is what we called home.
The awning head out despite some hearty winds. We saw one dome structure that collapsed during one windy day. Out canopies are “T” staked down and hardly move at all. Despite the fact we are in the desert we do have all the comforts of home.
There are many strange sights to see on the playa. Here we see an 8 foot tall alien embracing a water truck driver. The aliens arms are quite long and can open wide. What a great costume.
The Machine. This fascinating piece of art was an amazing contraption. It had belts & gears and such so that with people power, the top of the piece could turn one way or the other. This while dozens of people were sitting on the top.
CLICK HERE for more information on The Machine.
"Func Schway". The Func is the music. Schway is the wall of strobe lights. This is Kimber and my project. It consists of 540 recycled strobe units from disposable cameras wired to self trigger. It has a special 280 volt D.C. Power supply to run the whole project. The flash rate is every 5 seconds so that in any 1 second time period at least 100+ strobes flash. It is great to see people dance in the light and watch other who try to figure how it all works. Kimber (aka Shadow) is in the golf cart in the foreground. Yes, that is also decorated with lights.

Burn Night

On Saturday Night the Man is burned. Prior to his going up in flames a precession of fire spinners puts on an impressive show. Here a performer is jumping a flaming rope. Fire in the right hands is itself an art to behold.
There is all sorts of fire spinning. There is even fire drumming where the tops of the drums are ignited and played. Hundreds of fire artists perform within the 600 foot circle that surrounds The Man.
When the fire performance is done the man is ignited in a blaze of fireworks and impressive pyrotechnics. The Man burns until it collapses at which point the tens of thousands of watching participants rush toward the fire in celebration.

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