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Compress The Tube

Back the mandrel out enough to get it onto the clamp. Center the point over the tube and start to turn the mandrel in making sure that it will hold on to the clamp when the point goes into the tube.
Some people will recommend putting a little drop of oil on the mandrel prior to compressing the tube to make the process a little easier. This is O.K. providing you will not be using this tubing for potable water or oxygen systems. As an alternate, you may be able to use water with a little soap. If you do, make sure the tool is dry when you are done so that it will not rust up.
The tubing is set and ready to flare.
The mandrel is placed on the tube end and locked on the clamp. When the handle is turned further it will start to flare out the tubing.
Turn the handle and the mandrel stats to widen out the tubing. You are done when the handle will not turn any further.
It is important to squeeze the mandrel down hard. It ensures that the flare is wide enough and at the proper angle. It also ensures a smooth inside sealing surface on the flare.

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