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Install Fantastic Fan

This is my recommendation for how to properly and quickly (around 23 minutes) install your Fantastic Fan.

First, find an event where the Fantastic Fan dealer happens to be. For example, why not try an International rally?? When you find the dealer/installer tell them to come out first thing in the morning. Let them know that you don't really mind them coming out even so early that you are still in bed because you REALLY want that fan installed!

Marvel as the factory rep starts to work without question by first removing your old lighting fixture.
Have no fear when the 70+ year old other installer guy throws a padded ladder against your precious trailer, shows you his best side and makes preps to start cutting out the vent that you still want to keep! Let him know that it is the other fan before he starts popping rivets on the wrong vent.
Enjoy knowing what the original color of the inside of your trailer used to look like once the inside light fixture is finally removed.
Don't panic when the Factory rep whips out a pair of tin snips and starts cutting away with abandon on your interior.
Know that years of practice will prevent the factory rep from snipping through a wire and electrocuting himself to death. Also remember that you have no spare fuses to replace any 12 volt D.C. lines that may be cut.
Have a little celebration as the exterior part of the vent is removed.
Laugh as the roof guy says that he would prefer not to have his picture on the internet.
Watch as he then cuts the opening for the top part of the fan assembly. Don't worry about the wires - they can be spliced if cut through.
Warning: This is tough work so you may want to take a break. Besides you DID get up early and still have not had your coffee.
Stare in amazement as you suddenly realize that the boys finished the install while you were screwing around and you missed taking the last few shots of this momentous occasion. But you still have time for the last thing - Enjoy your new fan!!!

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