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I discovered that a splice existed that was not easily visible but could have been a fire hazard. At a minimum it could have burned up, caused fuses to blow and would have been a little difficult to diagnose. If you have a Univolt still installed or replaced it with a more modern unit but didnít replace the wire that connected it to the fuse panel, you may want to look at this.

I was positioning our Intellipower for mounting when the lights went out on the trailer. First thing I did was to scan all the fuses and they all looked good. I wiggled the power supply and the lights flickered. I did not have batteries hooked up at the time so it could only be the power supply. I immediately unplugged the unit and set it on the ground. As soon as I did I saw the problem. The negative lead flopped down and exposed a raw end of wire.

This connection pulled loose. The green copper color is bad news. This connection will heat up if loaded enough and could catch fire.
With the trailer powered down I removed the negative lead to inspect it. It was not good.

There is evidence if heat damage and as this picture shows and I was able to cleanly push the wires back together. It is possible that when I was load testing the power supply prior to mounting it that the connection heated up, partially melting the connection. If I had been charging batteries at a heavy rate such as during equalization the connector could have melted

The Fix

The fix was quite simple Ė replace both leads. I went to the local hardware store and got 3 feet of 6 AWG stranded, one black and one red, and replaced the two leads. Sorry no pictures of the repair but it works fine now and there are no splices to get hot.

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