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Cut New Gas Line Opening

This heater has the gas entry point at the back of the heater instead of the bottom as in the old heater. I cut a new hole in the bottom to allow the gas line to pass up through the bottom.
With the heater in place I used the old gas line to “scribe” a mark on the bottom of the water heater so I know exactly where to drill my new hole. I simply fed the old gas line in the opening in the bottom of the trailer and jammed it up hard enough to leave a mark on the new water heater.
Once the mark is made the new hole can be cut.

Once the location for the hole has been marked a 1 inch hole is drilled.
I removed the grommet from the back of the heater and checked that it would fit in the new hole.
Here is the grommet in all its glory
Before installing the grommet I wanted to make sure that the hole was cleaned up. Don't want to cut my hand installing this on sharp metal.

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