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Redirect Gas Fitting

Just like you canít fit a square peg in a round hole, you canít hook up the gas if the fittings donít line up.

I have to confess to cheating a little here. I made the gas line shortly after drilling the hole. I have a short piece on how to flare tubing for this step. But for the purposes of this section of our web site Ė pretend that I showed this to you already.

The hole fits the original opening perfectly.
Once the hole has been cut and the gas line fed up through the bottom, itís time to get the fitting to point in the right direction so that the gas line can be hooked up. To do this the brass fitting on the gas control valve must be removed and cleaned up. It will have a coating of pipe sealant that needs to be removed. Apply some fresh sealant to the threads and screw it in. It should be tightened down until it points down and is quite snug.
With the fitting pointing in the proper direction Ė down, the gas line can be hooked up. I put it on hand tight while I continue to complete the install.

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