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Reconnect Gas Line To Shutoff Valve

Once the gas line is hooked up to the heater the bottom bend can be made and the line hooked up the the shut off valve.
With the gas line sticking out the bottom a mark is made where the bend is to start. I have a tubing bender (which is nothing more than a spring) ready on the tube.
With the pipe bent and cut to the proper length, the end is prepped and a flare nut is placed on the pipe. The pipe end is then flared and attached to the valve.

When bending tubing you have to be careful not to crimp the tubing. A crimp is a bend that went too far and the tube wall collapsed. You can not bend a crimped tube straight again. The extreme bend causes the metal to crystallize at the bend point and will most certainly leak. If you crimp the tube replace it especially if it is a gas line. Tubing and pipe will only bend so far before the walls collapse. The minimum bending radius for pipe depends on several factors like diameter and wall thickness of the tube but can generally be given as 3 times the outer diameter of the pipe for up to inch tubing.

Spring Bender Hand Bending Tool

You should always use a tubing bender to shape pipe. To not do so is to court disaster. The most common bending tools are the external spring bender (what I used) and a bending machine or hand tool. These tools will help ensure that the minimum bending radius is not exceeded. For more info on this topic, CLICK HERE. 

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