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Clamp The Tube

Clamp the tube in the flare tool leaving the end sticking out just enough. The amount to leave sticking out depends on how much flare material you want. Generally I leave enough above the flat surface of the tool so that when compressed it fills the flare on the tool. It is a judgement call but I just know how much to leave sticking out.

Important Note:

If you are going to flare an end to actually be used (not a practice run) remember to put your fitting on the tube with the open end pointing in the proper direction BEFORE you clamp the tube and compress the flare. I can’t tell you how many times I flared a piece of tubing only to have to cut it off to put on the flare nut. This is years of experience speaking here…

How Much To Leave Sticking Out

Place the tube in the tool and let some stick out of the top.
Leave the tool loose enough until you have the amount sticking out that you need. At this amount depicted in this image I expect that when compressed the flare will fill the flare surface on the tool.
With the tubing set, lock it down by turning the thumb screws to tighten the tool.

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