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Inspect The Results

Loosen the mandrel and remove it. You can inspect the flare at this point BEFORE you unclamp the tube. If it isnít right you can compress it once again more strongly.
If all looks good unclamp the tube and marvel at your work.
The finished results. The flare fills the clamp and looks clean. In this picture you can see the minor ridges around the flare. This is due to improper reaming of the inside diameter of the tube. While it may look bad it actually is perfectly functional.

More Examples

Click to enlarge.

flare1.jpg flare2.jpg
flare3.jpg flare4.jpg
flare5.jpg flare6.jpg

I made several more flare ends to show that the process can be consistently done with a little practice. Oh, and what about the beer???

I was enjoying that the whole time.

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