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Lets begin...

Before we get real dirty - inspect the caliper for freedom of movement. You should be able to grab a hold of the caliper and wiggle it back and forth. It should float freely but not TOO free. If it is real loose it may be an indication that it is time to replace the brake shoes.

Remove the brake pads. On the calipers there are 2 rods that hold the brake pads in place. The rods are located at the very top and bottom of the caliper and are held in by a clip at the back of the caliper. Simply remove the clip from the pin and slide the pin out. The brake shoes may or may not drop out.
In my case they did not drop out and I had to work them out a little.

In this picture I have removed the first pin at the top. The bottom pin is still in place.

Once the shoes are out, inspect them for wear...

In this case the shoes are O.K. but will need to be replaced soon.

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