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Clean Up Your Parts

Nothing could be more important than keeping your parts clean. Any dirt inside the bearings or rotor can mean damage to your wheels and potentially a locked rotor or drum.

Here I used brake cleaner to remove the old grease from my bearings and other parts.

I like brake cleaner because it is non-flamable and smells better than gasoline (unless you like that smell). It also doesn't cause your hands to smell afterwards. It is very effective in getting old dried grease out of nooks & crannies. I don't recommend using gasoline to clean parts because it is flammable and therefore dangerous.

I also take care to clean and inspect the spindle. Any signs of discoloration can be an indication that something got hot or was not properly lubricated.

With everything clean, I set everything up for the next step - greasing!  (some of you old NAVY sailors may have a different memory of what greasing means).

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