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Replace Front Gaucho Lights

The old gaucho lights are still functional but could use some improvements. This project will take a set of 120 volt halogen light fixtures and modify them to operate on 12 volts. To modify the lights we had to also buy a set of garden lights just to get the type of bulb socket we wanted to use. In this project we will do the following:
  • Extract the sockets out of the garden lights
  • Remove the existing sockets from the new lights
  • Install the garden light sockets into the new lights
  • Install a light switch on each new lamp
  • Install a dimmer circuit (that we were going to use for LED lighting)
  • Install the newly modified lamps and enjoy.

The old lights are removed. It is connected by push on terminals. With the old lamp removed the terminals are cut away. As we will be hooking up non-standard lights they will be connected with wire nuts.
This is the style of light we will be using to replace the old lights. The glass is frosted which will help diffuse the light around the room. The lights have a sleek modern look but still have a retro flare.

More Information:
We will not document the process we went through to modify the new lamps but it was done because the existing sockets in the new lamps were for a special 120 volt halogen bulb. The new lamps will have to have a bulb socket that will accept a 12 volt bulb. The process is to cut away the existing socket and solder in the 12 volt lamp socket.
Here is the modified lamp with the new 12 volt socket installed. This a delicate operation that must be performed with caution. Care must be taken to be sure that connections are properly insulated. Otherwise the risk of blowing fuses or even fire may result.

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