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Install New Speakers

The old connectors are cut off the wires and the ends of the wire are stripped. The new speakers came with connecting wires that match the speakers so they will be soldered on. Here the wires are twisted on and ready for soldering. Not seen in the photo is that each wire has a piece of heat shrink tubing ready after the connection is soldered.
The heat shrink tubing is ready to be...er, shrunk on the wires. Once the joint is soldered. The end of the joint is clipped to make it neat and then the heat shrink tubing is slipped over the solder joint (which has been folded flat against the wire).
Apply heat to the heat shrink tubing and it will shrink around the joint making a nice clean connection.
Install the speaker per manufactures directions.
Snap on the grill cover and you are done.
Install the rest of the speakers in a similar fashion. The real test will be when the stereo is powered up and all sounds good.

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