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Repack the Bearings

This is the fun part! Getting your hands all covered with grease. If you are wearing gloves to keep your hands clean - take them off! You want to savor every moment of this step.

Ladies - you will understand why men like to work on cars after you are done so DIVE RIGHT IN!

The goasl here is to get grease into every crack and in every nook & crannie. Pack it so that everything - every roller - is covered.

Make sure you put liberal amounts on the roller surfaces on the rotor and the spindle as well. Grease it all up. Damn this is FUN!

Remember the love you have for your Airstream is best expressed by the care you give these bearings. So show some heart.

Repacking the Bearing - in depth description...

(thanks go out to 65GT from airstreamforums.com for help in writing this procedure)

Put a small glob of grease in left palm with the right edge of that blob in the middle of your palm.

Holding the large outer diameter of the bearings down with your right hand, start to scrape the farthest left edge of the bearings down into and away from that very right edge of the grease blob. Continue the scraping action, each time moving just a bit further onto the blob. That scraping action will push grease up into the small crack between the inner and outer bearing retainers.

Eventually (yes it will take some time) you'll start to see grease pushing all the way up through and out the top of the bearing. You just packed that portion of the bearing. Now rotate the bearing in your hand slightly and continue with the scraping action. Rotate some more and repeat.

When you have grease pushing up all the way around and you've rotated the bearing through the entire 360 degrees you've packed the inside of the bearings. Now you can put a small coating of grease over the top of the roller bearings and then re-install.

That bearing is now "packed." Nothing but grease internally (no air), a good coating of grease around the outside, and it will ooze out a bit when you put it back against the race/seal and cap it off with the washer and nut. You're done and worry free.

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