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Burning Man, 2006

Hope and Fear


Burning Man, 2006 was Buttercups 2nd year on the playa. It was also Shadows (Kimber) 14th and Baulknaub's (Tim) 7th.
The camp was called "Cave of the Echo People". The inspiration for this was the Trent Harris film "Ruben & Ed". If you have not seen this film, find a copy. It will be worth it...

Welcome to the Cave. The sign comes right out of the movie. We had it specially made to match the one in the film.
Fire spinning in the Cave. A few fire spinners showed up and spontaneously started to spin.
Artwork on the playa was beautiful as usual.
Serpent Mother protecting her egg. This piece was fantastic!!!
This amazing little tree was only about 3 feet tall. But so beautiful and sitting all alone out on the playa.
This is a graffitti wall. It is painted with glow in the dark paint and the "spray cans" are really a blut LED. The light from the led leaves an impression in the form of the green glow.
Getting ready to burn.

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