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Remove the Grease Seal

Using the proper tool for the job, pry the old grease seal out of the rotor. Be careful not to damage the inner bearing when removing the seal.

I recommend that you work your way around the seal rather than try to get it out in one movement.

I am a firm believer in replacing the seal each time the bearings are repacked but others may have different thoughts on the subject. If you are one who will be reusing the seal take extra care to remove the seal without doing damage. Remember this is a seal and it keeps the bad stuff out. If it is damaged in any way during the removal process it will have to be replaced.
In my case I was not  concerned about the condition of the seal that I was removing so I just extracted it in the simplest means I had available to me at the time.

In any case - inspect the seal for damage. Finding damage on the seal that was not caused by the removal process can indicate other problems such as pitted bearings, etc...

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