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Remove the front skirt

It is at this step that I realized how important it is to have the3 shower door removed first including the track that it rides on. I completely destroyed the piece of wood that is the skirt because I could not see that it was actually still fastened to the tub by the 3 screws holding the track for the shower door.


This is the view of the skirt removed from the tub front.


  1. Remove plastic trim from the metal extrusion piece at the top of the tub and drill out the pop rivets.
  2. Drill out the rivets holding the tub skirt and furnace grill and remove the tub skirt. (NOTE: If the shower door/curtain is still installed the screws that hold the track in place at the bottom will prevent you from removing the skirt).
  3. Vacuum the mouse droppings off the floor. If you don't have any - your unit is too new!

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