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Open Belly Pan Access Plate


  1. Using a screwdriver remove 3 of the screws that hold the plate over the "P" trap drain pipe for the tub. This plate will be located outside under the trailer right about there the drain pipe for the tub would be.
  2. Remove the "P" trap by unscrewing the fitting nut. (NOTE: This should be about the only thing you can unscrew. This fitting should only be hand tight but it may have been tightened by a big meaty hand!). (Another NOTE: This step may be unnecessary depending on your situation. It does offer better clearance for removing the tub).

Under Belly Plate

This is the access plate to the "P" trap for the tub drain.

"P" Trap

This is the "P" Trap located under the access plate. With the drain piece removed it is possible to move the "P" Trap around from side to side. Turning the nut you can remove the "P" Trap.

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