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The Valve Exposed

With the tub removed you can easily see the old mixing valve and the burst in the pipe. This is a simple 3 port valve 2 inlet and one outlet. It is fastened to a block of wood and that is screwed to the shower itself with 4 screws.

Removal Process

  • Remove the shower hose and backflow fitting
  • Remove the chrome plated fitting that the shower hose and backflow fitting screw into
    • to do this you will have to use a pipe wrench on the shower outlet valve and a wrench of some type on the fitting itself
    • use some sort of protection on the wrench to prevent damage to the chrome finish
    • alternatively you could screw a 1/2 threaded pipe into the fitting and unscrew it.
  • Using a tubing cutter, cut the hot and cold water supply pipes to the valve.
  • Remove the 4 screws that hold the valve to the shower wall.

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