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Jack Up the Axle

Place the jack under the elevated axle in the middle as best as you can. It will make it easier to jack the whole thing up at once and prevent it from sliding on the jack. In this view the axle has been jacked up into place and a bolt set to hold that end.
The axle is raised and aligned at the same time. The axle wants to roll sideways once it is off the ground. It must be orientated correctly while it is raised up. Sometimes it is better to have a friend help out but can be done by one person.
Once the axle is in place on one side put a bolt in to support it so that you can work the other side without dropping the axle.
With the first end in you should be able to just continue to jack the other end right in place with ease. It will be aligned already. Once the other end is in place it is time to bolt it up.

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