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LED 1 Watt Modules

The base of this project is a 1 watt warm light LED module. It produces a lot of light for a small amount of current draw. Because this light runs at up to 3.6 volts we will be putting 4 of them in series to run without any extra parts. The downside to this approach is that if one lamp goes out, they all go out.
The upside is that it requires no extra parts and actually runs more efficiently. This makes it cheaper.

These modules are expensive - several dollars each but worth the price.

Galaxy 1 watt LED Module

Galaxy Led Module Info


For those who don't want to look at all of the technical info on these LEDS, here are some specifics.

They are more efficient than incandescent lights and most halogen lamps and will operate normally for greater than 50,000 hours without burning out. They do get warm so a heat sink will be needed.

Because aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat (and most airstreams are made with at least some aluminum) we will be using the metal body of the trailer as out heat sink.

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