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On a whim we purchaced some LED lamps from eBay. The bulbs are a standard automotive 1056 base. Total cost for 4 bulbs including shipping was $30.97. Not too bad and worth a test.
We tested the livingroom, kitchen, bedroom counter and bed overhead lights.

Some facts to think about...

  • Standard incandescent bulbs are between 18 and 24 watts each
  • LED Lamps tested are 4 watts each
  • livingroom and kitchen lamps took 4 bulbs
  • Bedroom overhead and counter lights took 3 bulbs
  • Pictures taken at 1/4 sec exposure at f2.0 without flash
  • White balance set to tungsten to show the best color representation

The following pictures show the final results.
Test LED Bulb. 4 watts.

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