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The New Plumbing Is In

Most of it anyway...

The only way this picture could be taken is if it all actually worked.

All it took...

  • 100 foot roll of PEX tubing, 1/2 inch
  • Tubing Cutter
  • A billion fittings of every conceivable type and size
  • A sense of humor

We did not chronicle every single step we took here because water systems are as individual as the people who install them. This is presented to show that it can be done by anybody without doing major bodily harm to yourself.

The basic installation process went as follows:

  • Pull 2 runs of tubing from the kitchen toward the water heater compartment leaving enough hanging out at each end to play with (not more than 2 feet).
  • Mark and install connections to the water heater.
  • Mark and install risers to the rear bath (the plumbing to the fixtures was already done and only needed to be hooked up.
  • Tie wrap tubing at strategic locations.
  • Mark and install hot water cutout valve to the kitchen.
  • Tie wrap tubing along drain line in center compartment.
  • Build risers under kitchen sink.
  • Connect to pump, accumulator, filter and faucets.


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