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New Lighting Switches

The old 3 way light switches for the ovehead lights were carboned up and brittle. When the lights were on the switches did get quite hot indicating the end of their useful life.

Replacement switches were found at Lowes hardware store for about $5.00 each. These switches are rated at 6 amps which should be enough to run the interior lights. And if they fail (which they will eventually), they can be replaced quickly and cheaply.

This is the new 3 way switch.


About this switch...

This switch has 3 leads numbered 1, 2 & 3 and colored black, red and blur respectively. The black wire (lead #1) is the common or supply wire. The red (lead #2) and blue (lead #3) wires go to the respective loads. In this case the red wire will go to the 2 bulb connection on the overhead lamp and the blue wire will be connected to the 4 bulb connection.
The switch actually has 4 positions as follows:
  • All Off
  • Lead #2 (red) On, Lead #3 (blue) Off
  • Lead #3 (blue) On, Lead #2 (red) Off
  • Lead #2 (red) and Lead #3 (blue) On

A couple of wire nuts are all that is needed to connect the switch. Test it before it is fastened in.
Here the new switch is installed and working. It operates smoothly and doesn’t get warm – yet.

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