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Using A Bearing Packer

Using a bearing packer can speed the packing process along and ensure that the bearing is properly loaded with grease. there are several models available on the market. But most of them incorporate the same basic feature - an inverted cone shaped device that will squeeze grease into the bearing.
I bought the "Handy Packer" brand made by Lisle for about $25.00 from the local auto parts outlet.

Load The Packer With Grease

Take a standard can of grease - whichever kind you feel most comfortable with - and fill the packer up. There is really no clean way to do this. If you have a grease gun you can use that to fill it up but it will take time to do it.

I loaded my packer by hand and learned one valuable lesson. Don't try to get every bit of grease out of the can - especially from around the lid area - where you might get a nasty cut from sharp edges. Enough said...

Take the bearing that you want to pack and note the shape of the bearing. it has a taper. That is why it is called a taper bearing.
Point the small end down.
Place the bearing in the packer small end first.
Place the packer cone in on top of the bearing and get ready to push.
Push down until grease comes out the end of the bearing as in this picture. The grease should come out clear, flushing out any old dirty grease. I thoroughly cleaned the bearing before packing and still the first bit of grease was a little dirty.

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