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Dimmer Circuit

The first part of the LED Soffit lighting system is the PWM Dimmer Circuit. PWM stands for Pulse Width Modulation. There are many examples on the web of what PWM is and how it works. If you are the technical type and want to know more CLICK HERE for a description.

What this circuit will do is supply a variable DC power source to the LEDs to drive the lights.

The kits were purchased from Quickar Electronics as were the LEDs. These types of kits come with simple instructions. Usually, the only tools that are needed are a soldering iron and a pair of wire cutters. This kit supplied a small piece of solder but only enough for an experienced technician. If you are new to this type of thing you may want to get some additional solder. For and introduction to soldering, CLICK HERE.

PWM Driver Kit
Here most of the components are inserted on the boards and ready to solder in. You may choose to insert each component individually and solder them one by one.

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