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Pyramid Lake Rally

For our first rally we went to Pyramid Lake to meet up with the Sierra Nevada Unit members. This rally was only an hour or so away from home and minimal packing was required.

Once parked we had a great view of the lake.
Once night fell, we pulled out the ubiquitous “Pink Flamingo”. It runs on 12 volts and draws only 6 watts so that means that it will run all night long without running down the batteries.
With night appWith night approaching it was time to pull out “Lolita”, our 20” telescope (thats 20 inches around). The skies were clear and the air crisp. Great for viewing, if you are hearty enough.
All parked and looking pretty. All parked and looking pretty. We did not bother to lower the leveling stands. The ground was soft and sandy.
With the morning it was time to have mimosas.

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