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Reinstall Tub

With the bathroom floor primed and sealed the tub pedestal is put in place. It will be readjusted after the tub is on top.
You will have to angle the tub in to get it to sit down. It is a tight fit but with a little coaxing, it will go in.
Start working the tub down and in at an angle.
The tub will eventually seat it self down. The edges of our tub had to be "snapped" behind the walls.
Here I am carefully snapping the edge of the tub behind the edge of the wall. It went smoothly.
The tub is in. I am adjusting the pedestal to center it under the tub. While I had the pedestal out I reinforced it a little.
The tub is ready for the skirt and trim. This will come later because I am going to cut a new one.

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