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Remove Calipers

The process of removing the brake calipers is fairly simple. They float freely behind the rotor on 2 pins that are bolted to the axle spindle. CLICK HERE to see more info on removing the calipers.
Note: The brake line will have to be removed from the back of the caliper. You can unscrew it with a 3/8 wrench.





 Removal Process:

  • Remove rings and pins that hold the brake shoes in the complete caliper. The brake pads will drop out
  • Remove the 4 bolts that hold the caliper outside plate to the caliper body.
  • Using a “C” clamp, carefully compress the caliper piston all the way into the caliper body.
  • Slide the caliper off the holding pins.
  • Unscrew the hi-pressure hose fitting using a 3/8” wrench. Avoid using a Crescent Wrench as they have a tendency to round off the flats of the fitting.

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