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Replace Stove

The stove was in questionable shape. It was rusted and somewhat unsightly. We decided to replace it with a modern unit. The old stove worked but we never tested the oven. We would gain a nice new cook-top and oven. But we would loose an oven with a light inside. The old oven was lighted while the new oven is not.

So here is what we did:
Turn off the gas supply to the stove. On our trailer it is located under the trailer curb side. There is 2 valves, one for the furnace/catalitic heater and one for the stove. If in doubt, close both. If still unsure, disconnect the propane tanks altogether.
Under the burner plate disconnect the gas from the stove.

Unscrew Old Stove

The old stove has 4 screws around the top just under the burner plate. Lift the old burner plate up and locate the screws and remove them. I discarded ours as I would be putting in new screws.
There are 4 screws around the top edge of the stove. Once removed the stove is free. Don't forget to turn off the gas and disconnect the gas line under the burner plate

Stove Removed

Remove the old stove. Inspect the area and gas line. We had a hole where the line partially rubbed through the wheelwell.

Simple Patch

Here is our answer to the partial hole in the wheelwell. DON'T LAUGH! It works.

Attach New Gas Line

Insert the new stove. On our trailer the gas line had to be shortened by 6 inches to accommodate the new connection location under the burner plate. Make sure the gas line will fit and is properly prepped. See the section on this sit about flaring tubing. We reused the old compression nut and flared the tubing. Then connected this to the stove and tightened. The old gas fitting was the same size as the new one.

First Flame

With the stove installed, the gas connected and all looking good (no gas smell with the gas on) the stove is tested. 3 flames gtood and strong.

Cover Installed

The cover is installed and it fits nicely.

Insert The Grates

Install the grates and call it a day.

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