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Squirrels Tease Cat

Here is something you donít get to see every day Ė squirrels teasing a cat. This looks kike it is a clear case of plotting against our Toro. The squirrels come together to hash out a quick plan then act it out. This happened over and over and over. They knew what they were doing!

The First Attack Wave

Squirrels on the rampage. Lock your cats indoors. BEWARE!

Simple Teasing

Here the squirrels look to see if Toro is still watching...

Squirrel Sucker-Punches Cat!

One opportunistic squirrel takes a sucker punch at Toro. He is too stunned to fight back.

He's Doing A Little Dance For You!

Kimber marvels how the squirrel is entertaining Toro. But Toro is still too upset to see the fun in it all.

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