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Trailer Temperature Rise

Trailers can get hot in the summer. I did a little experimentation to see just how hot our trailer could get on a normal summer day at our house. The test runs as follows:
  1. Measure the temperature outside the trailer. While this is going on close all the doors, windows and vents on the trailer.
  2. Measure the temperature inside the trailer after it got good and hot.

Outside Temp

This is the outside temperature taken right outside the trailer door on a standard summer day.

Inside Temp

Here is the inside temperature after 1/2 hour with all the doors and windows closed up.

It can be seen that a 10+ degree rise in trailer temperature is quite easy to achieve
in short order. from this I can infer that the temperature rise can probably go as high as 15 to 20 degrees.

This is important information because we do camp in the desert where the temperature can get as high as 110 degrees and the dust can blow. If we want to keep the dust out of our trailer we have to close it up. So we need to know what to expect with everything all closed up.

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